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About Norfolk & Winterton-on-Sea


A Perfect Family Holiday Location

winterton-villageWinterton, in Anglo-Saxon history means ‘winter town’, being the location where early Norfolk settlers lived and sheltered their livestock during the cold winters. Nearby, is Somerton, meaning ‘summer town’ and it’s here the same farming community lived during the warmer summer months. The village of Winterton-on-Sea therefore has a long recorded history and can easily claim to be one of a number of typical Norfolk Villages that stretch northwards. Nowadays the village prides itself in being different. It’s here that you leave behind the hustling arcades and amusements of the holiday towns of Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and Caister to the south… north from Winterton-on-Sea you find secluded Norfolk and the simpler holiday lifestyle.

windmillThirty miles of empty beaches, small farming communities selling local produce, incredible wildlife, old-fashioned Norfolk pubs serving locally brewed beers and historically scenic villages certainly mean that you and your family will return. Many others who have discovered the hidden secrets of Norfolk come back year after year, usually for many generations. The real jewel however, besides the traditional way of living, is the array of wildlife for you and your family to discover and enjoy. The largest grey seal colony in Britain, incredible numbers of both migratory and native birds all attract those of you who wish to reflect on life and leave your manic lifestyle behind. Come to peaceful Norfolk… you will never regret it.

winterton-beachYou can also lose yourself in Britain’s largest expanse of sand dunes, right where they filmed ‘Dad’s Army’. You can read more about Winterton Dunes here. The dunes are a haven for bird life, rare toads and Britain’s largest community of adders. So dogs beware! And the long, often deserted beach in Winterton-on-Sea is just more hidden secret to explore… if you and your family desire a uniquely English beach holiday not unlike that you still remember as a child, then you simply must come to Norfolk.

Please visit www.winterton-on-sea.net for lots more detailed information about village life for both visitors and locals. This site provides an insight into the day-to-day happenings in Winterton in which visitors are welcomed and encouraged to participate.