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Winterton-on-Sea Beach


The Perfect Beach Isn’t So Far Away

Winterton-on-Sea wouldn’t be Winterton without its very special beach. Long established as the finest beach in Norfolk, it’s perfect for both families and those wishing to get away from more crowded holiday beaches. A short walk north along the beach will see the sparse crowds all but disappear making this stretch of coast perfect for ramblers, beachcombers and nature loving individuals.

winterton-dunes-5Henrys Cottage is only a few short minutes away from the beach. After all, the cottage is an old fisherman’s dwelling and the beach is where they launched their fishing boats! Their huts are still there and sometimes modern-day nets are hung there to dry. The sea is great for swimming and there are ample beach things like wind-breaks, buckets & spades, surf boards and activity games available at the cottage… everything you need in fact to enjoy a ‘proper’ beach holiday.

A warning though… there are no beachside amusement arcades, souvenir shops or theme parks in Winterton. You and your family will need to create your own amusement using the vwinterton-beach-1ast expanse of sand, the driest recorded weather in Britain and the generous warmth of the sun. Of course, there is a beach café and another cafe in the village. There is an interesting coast-watch post manned by volunteer ex-mariners who keep a keen eye out for anything untoward happening at sea. They’re more than happy to show you what they do.