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No Pet Policy

The Reasons Why I Operate a No Pets Policy

For a number of reasons, I operate a strict no pets policy in Henrys Cottage.

Many of my repeat visitors return year-on-year because I understand their requirements for a healthy and clean accommodation space. There are also environmental and conservation issues in the Winterton-on-Sea beach area that are increasingly important.

Nowadays all of us recognise the tremendous difficulties in reconciling wildlife conservation with modern day living. Winterton-on-Sea is a renowned haven for both migratory and native birds with Winterton Dunes being listed by the RSPB as one of a number of protected wild bird sanctuaries located in Norfolk. In addition there is now a thriving colony of Grey Seals which is growing rapidly every year. The Dunes are also home to a number of other endangered species including Adders and the rare Natterjack Toad.

Winterton-on-Sea and its idealic beaches are a boon to dogs and dog lovers, with many visitors bringing their beloved pets along with them in addition to many local dog owners. This is their choice and they are free to do so without restriction but this does put tremendous strains on the local wildlife, particularly the bird life and more so the grey seals. It is an increasing year on year problem that many of the local conservation wardens are struggling to control.

To help reduce the impact of the ever growing number of dogs in the area I have chosen to exclude them from Henrys Cottage. I realise that most people consider their pets well behaved but if you are a dog owner then please take time to discuss this increasingly worrying problem with the RSPB and the owners of the Seal Hospital Sanctuary. Both have experienced wardens in the area and will happily talk with you regarding the impact of domestic pets upon Winterton Dunes and the Grey Seal colony.

Pet Allergies

More importantly, many holiday visitors also prefer a pet free environment for health reasons such as allergies and smells. To facilitate this I make every effort to maintain high levels of cleanliness to ensure the right accommodation for visitors who require health related facilities. This is a vital part of my repeat business which means that I cannot offer any allowances for dogs. I offer this option as an alternative to many other holiday options in the village which do encourage visitor’s pets.

If you are a pet owner seeking holiday accommodation then I will endeavour to assist you by putting you in touch with property owners who do allow pets. I have established arrangements with other accommodation owners in the area so that I can help you whenever I can.