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Winterton-on-Sea Seal Colony



A Taste of the Wild

A growing attraction for both visitors and locals to Winterton-on-Sea is the Grey Seal colony located between Winterton and the next village north along the shore Horsey. Now numbering nearly one thousand, they are resident year round with a growing number of pups quickly adding to the numbers. Although the winterton-seals-3deadly storm of January 2014 caused great loss in both young and adults, the colony is expected to thrive in the years ahead.

The early days of dubiously easy public access are long gone however, to protect the colony from often unthinking visitors and their pets, volunteer wardens now protect the seals year round with purpose built viewing platforms having been constructed to give people spectacular views with unrestricted access. Car parking facilities have also been added to aid conservation of the fragile Dune environment. Please – I ask that visitors act responsibly when viewing the seal colony – integrating wildlife in such close proximity to human habitation is far from easy.

Of course, Henrys Cottage provides the perfect location for you and your family to enjoy the Winterton-on-Sea Seal Colony. The colony is really not to be missed.